About us


FiVOCS is your partner of quality, personalized, qualified, flexible and courteous services.

FiVOCS is a young company operating in the customer service sector since 2017. Young and dynamic, we have a long-standing customer service background. We know how important it is for a company today to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


“A satisfied customer, of the product or service provided by a company, involves his loyalty generating a positive word of mouth from which new customers derive. What characterizes a successful company is not only to provide a good product or an excellent service, but to have an efficient Customer Service.”

FiVOCS springs from the idea of offering an efficient and quality service that can allow freelancers, small, mid-sized and large companies to save resources, both human and economic, to devote to other business tasks; this means the ability to organize and manage their own customer-oriented services with results in customer satisfaction at the highest levels of the market.