Represents the ideal solution for all those professionals who seek quality, easily accessible and flexible assistance to every needs. Relying on our online secretarial service, as well as improving the organization of your time, will allow you to have beneficial economic savings: in fact, you will reduce all the fixed costs of management, structure and staff, paying for the use of the service limited at the time of actual use.

FiVOCS provides you a virtual secretary, who, just like a traditional secretary, answers the phone, manages your appointment diary, invites those who call you to leave a message or provides the desired information. Our virtual secretaries are not limited to managing phone calls but can carry out a whole series of tasks, even complex and delicate.


A phone number will be assigned to you, even with a geographical prefix of your choice, to be communicated to your customers or used for the calls transfer. The secretary will answer the calls with the name of your office or company and the management of the call will depend only on your requests. If you are available you can decide to make the call forward to you, otherwise the secretary will take note and will instantly send you an e-mail (or sms or fax) with the notification of the call, containing the name and surname of the caller, reason call and any other useful information. In this way you will always be informed and able to recall those who looked for you according to priority. The service can be activated and customized according to your needs.

The service may include additional services such as forward calls, fax and / or toll-free number assignment, agenda management, personalized IVR response for daily reachability h24. An effective choice that allows you to have every day the work situation under control, with more reliability and less thoughts. Your business will benefit both in economic terms but above all in business efficiency.


The service offered by FiVOCS involves minimal fixed costs. The variable part of the costs is directly proportional to the number of calls received, and this guarantees to professionals and small entrepreneurs a perfect balance between costs and monthly turnover: at the end of the month the costs incurred will always be compared to the actual use of the secretarial staff.

On average, between fixed and variable costs, the monthly cost of a telephone secretariat amounts to a very small percentage of the costs of a traditional secretary.

The security of your data and those of your customers has top priority. We protect data from any third-party access. We also require all our employees to request a strict confidentiality and management agreement for certain sensitive and non-disclosure data.

Our network is protected by state-of-the-art security systems.

  • Multi-stage firewalls
  • Technical team at the place
  • Data protected by passwords and encrypted connections

Company Headquarters

  • Offices monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Offices accessible only to staff

No calls lost! If you are busy and can not answer, your customers will always have someone to leave a message for.

The answer of a professional and competent secretary, and the certainty of being contacted, will make them feel “in good hands”, and this satisfaction will not be long in generating profit.

The flexibility of our consumption rate plans allows you to take advantage of our secretarial services without having to incur high fixed costs, and allows you at any time to find the most suitable rate based on the volume of phone calls received.

Service is adaptable to your specific work needs: the call can be managed in different ways. You can decide that caller’s data and the reason for the call are collected, or put customer on hold and forward the call or set an appointment for you.

All our proposals are flexible, in full respect of your needs. We will prepare a tailor-made project based on your real needs.

Secretary, answers for you, provides your customers with a first image of your business, so it is important that you represent yourself in a best way. All our employees and collaborators are competent, professional and are trained to adapt to your business sector. Their mission is therefore to live up to your expectations and those of your customers!


– Personalized answer: Secretary will answer the calls with the name of your company or studio and call’s management will depend only on your requests.

– Data collection: the call will be managed in a competent and professional way. The name and surname and the reason for the call will be requested.

– Call forwarding: you can request call forwarding, so that the secretary is a filter for incoming calls. You will then decide whether to accept the call or reject it by giving instructions.

– Immediate notification: at the end of the call an e-mail notification will be sent. You can also receive call notification by fax or SMS, with a small addition of costs.

– Agenda management: we take care of the management of your agenda, based on the days and times indicated by you.


– Geographical fax number assignment: a number will be assigned to you to receive documents by fax, directly in your e-mail box.

– Management of your VoIP number: if you have a Voip number and want it to be managed entirely by us, at a small monthly cost your number will be recorded on our servers.

– Toll-free number assignment: you can offer your customers the possibility to call your company or study for free.

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